Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a specific type of sedation dentistry where the patient is asleep during the dental procedure. This option is offered to patients who suffer from dental phobia, or for those in need of full mouth reconstruction or complex procedures where a lot of dental work is required.

Sedation administered by Dr. Toong is a safe and effective way to help patients feel comfortable during their dental visit. This dental specialty is on the rise, as more and more patients are opting for sedation dentistry. This is especially due to the fact that it allows the patient to have major oral surgical procedures done within the same session while unconscious. Our goal at Asleep for Dentistry is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients to have their dental work completed. Our Dentist, Dr. Samuel Toong, is known for his patience and empathy with patients of all ages.

Dental anxiety and oral health care

Dental anxiety isn't just psychological, as physical responses often impact a patient as well. The lack of dental care and treatment as a result of dental phobia can have a severe negative impact on the body and its vital organs such as the heart, and ultimately lead to greater health complications. A consultation about the best sedation choice for a patient is mandatory. If a new patient exam is done concurrently, the consultation fee is waived. During this session, Dr. Samuel and his patient are given the opportunity to discuss the dental procedures and get to know one another. Important topics like health history and overall health condition are taken into consideration.

Sleep dentistry involves serious medical procedures. It is done with great care by our dentist who specializes in Dental Anaesthesia. Earlier in his medical studies and career, Dr. Samuel Toong determined that he would like to specialize in this field of patient treatment. His esteemed career includes general anesthesia training at the Faculty of Dentistry, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto East General Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, and Toronto Western Hospital.

Dr. Samuel Toong
Dr. Samuel Toong is a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) with a Master of Science (MSc) for Pharmacology, he has been practicing dentistry for over ten years.

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