Frequently Asked Questions

Is dental anxiety common? 

Do I need to be put to sleep for my dental work? 
What are the different levels of anaesthesia?

Anaesthesia can be provided in various levels: minimal, moderate, deep and general anaesthesia. Minimal sedation typically given as nitrous oxide; you remain awake but have a “relaxed” feeling. Moderate sedation you remain awake but in a “twilight” state. You may or may not remember your experience. Deep sedation deep sedation you are asleep but may react to pain. Usually pain can be alleviated with administration of local anaesthesia (freezing). During General Anaesthesia you are asleep and will not respond to any stimulation including pain.

What type of anesthetic will I or my child have? Do I need to sleep?

What are the costs associated with the anesthetic?

Does my insurance cover the cost of treatment?

How do I pay for treatment?

Is General Anaesthesia Safe?

I heard on the news of someone with a misfortune with anesthesia. Is this possible?

Are there risks? If yes, what are they?

How should I prepare myself/my child for the appointment?

When should I contact you?

Can I get all my treatment done in one visit?

How long is my consultation appointment? Do I really have to do it?