Truth About Cavities - Part 2

At Asleep for Dentistry Burlington, we want to see every patient with a healthy, cavity free mouth. We last talked about removing bacteria from our mouth, by flossing and brushing, as the best way of preventing cavities. Many people tell me that they indeed brush and floss on a regular basis and yet still get cavities. As I discussed before we need to examine the growth and removal of bacteria. So let us look more closely at the growth of bacteria in our mouth.

In our last post we stated that sugar is the main food source of bacteria and sugar and is in almost everything we eat. Look at your the food labels and see how much sugar is in your food. Now since sugar is unavoidable in our diet, what can we do to prevent cavities? First we need to see how often you are eating.

Choosing Snacks

Although we've been told that eating several small meals a day is better for controlling weight, we are also feeding the bacteria in our mouth more frequently. This then creates more growth and more acid production. So what can we do? First, choose foods like cheese and raw vegetables to snack on that don't have a lot of sugar. Granola bars, dried fruits, juices all have high sugar content and may give you a boost of energy through the day but they also boost acid production. Secondly, you may need to brush or floss more often then the recommended two time a day. Third, drink lots of water. Especially people who have a dry mouth need to drink more water. This is because the water can dilute and rinse away the acid produced in your mouth.

So, look at the foods you are eating and see how much sugar you are eating. Eating several meals is not a problem as long as you watch what you eat. If you still choose to eat things that help give you a boost of needed energy through the day, then don't forget to brush more often to remove the bacteria in your mouth. Drinking more water can help if you can't brush during the day, but remember to remove the bacteria as soon as you can.

Dr. Toong