How to Eat for a Healthy, Cavity-free Smile During the Holidays

…or any time of the year!

A person’s smile not only depends on good oral hygiene practices to stay healthy and attractive – but it depends on healthy dietary habits, too.

And during the holidays especially, our smiles tend to get introduced to a lot more sweets than usual! So, this month we thought we’d get into how you can protect your teeth from decay/cavities and gum disease during this extra sugary-sweet winter holiday (or any time of the year).

Try your best to limit these foods

Foods that contain processed sugars such as cookies, brownies, cakes/any kind of dessert, candies, sugary cereals, juices and/or sodas aren’t and never will be exactly dental-friendly. Why is this? Well, the bacteria in your mouth use these kinds of foods and drinks to create acids that lead to tooth decay over time.

Fortunately, limiting your intake of these foods and beverages, and brushing and flossing after consumption will go a long way in helping to protect your teeth.

Try your best to limit these foods

If you’re one to snack regularly throughout the day, especially on sugary or processed/carb-based foods, it might be a smart idea to try and adjust your eating habits. Frequent snacking subjects the teeth to more instances of increased mouth acidity, ultimately leading to tooth decay. Eating larger portions less regularly, or incorporating more veggies as snacks will play a part in helping to protect your teeth.

Conclude your sweet snacking or sipping by doing this

If you’re at a holiday function where you can’t sneak away to brush your teeth, swish some water around in your mouth after you eat to help wash some of the sugars from the teeth’s surfaces. Or, if you can, snack on a piece of hard cheese after you consume anything sweet to help neutralize the levels of acidity in the mouth, and help prevent acid attacks on the enamel (which lead to cavities over time). Drinking a glass of milk is great, too!

Wishing you a holly-jolly and cavity-free winter holiday!

Happy Holidays from our Dr. Samuel Toong and team! We hope to see you again soon for your next check-up and cleaning visit :)