Nervous About Getting Dental Implants?
Here's how sedation dentistry can help make your procedure as pleasant as possible.

Nervous about dental implants

Dental implants serve as an excellent solution for many people who wish to permanently restore a natural tooth or teeth they have lost.

Unfortunately, however, it isn’t uncommon for some patients to feel extremely anxious before their procedure – sometimes even to the point where they’ll start to reconsider going through with it at all.

The good news is: sedation or sleep dentistry have been successfully used (for years!) to help make dental procedures much more relaxing and anxiety-free for patients, while providing other benefits as well.

Reasons not to fear your dental implant procedure

Contrary to popular belief, dental implant procedures aren't all that complex! In fact, they often require only two separate visits to complete, and take an average of 1-2 hours. During a typical treatment, a small hole is made in the bone, with some incisions made into the gum tissue to better visualize the bone. The site is then drilled and further prepared to precisely fit the dental implant. The implant is then placed, and the site is closed or stitched in the final phase. Healing will generally take place in the following 3 to 6 months after treatment.

Just sit back and relax…

While a local anaesthetic will successfully numb the area being treated for a pain-free surgery, sedation dentistry will reduce any anxiety for the patient while allowing the dentist to operate more freely. This is a big bonus, as this helps to potentially reduce the number of visits required to complete the procedure! The dentist will talk with a patient to determine if he or she should receive local anaesthesia, moderate sedation or complete sedation. If a patient is very anxious about their treatment, sleep sedation is usually an ideal choice.

Hooray for Sleep Dentistry!

Not only does sedation work miracles for patients with anxiety, but it can also speed up the process of a procedure. So, are you the type of patient who prefers minimal anaesthesia, or are you more likely to choose sedation to breeze through your visit? Whatever the case may be, feel free to book an appointment with Asleep for Dentistry, your Dentist in Burlington today! Dr. Toong has you covered for all of your Sleep Dentistry needs.

(Dr. Samuel Toong of Asleep for Dentistry is an expert Burlington Dentist and Certified Specialist in Dental Anaesthesia. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Sleep Dentistry makes him a wonderful choice for patients who prefer to be sedated for their treatment. Dr. Toong has performed many dental implant procedures on patients, with many of them opting for sedation.)